The problems with weight machines

8 May, 2018

These clunky, expensive and oversize bits of kit are a common site in gyms, but are they worth using? When we sit down and push and pull these bits of kit, we aren’t really using our core, balance or the full extent of our strength.

Using other exercises, we can train much more in a single move as well as improve all areas of fitness, not just single muscle groups.

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Video transcript

Let’s talk about resistance machines, also known as nautilus machines. They are very popular in gyms for two reasons.

Number one is because they make a gym look very important. If we have lots of bits of kit in a gym it implies that we cannot do workouts properly at home, because we need these enormous and expensive bits of kit.

Reason number two is because they require next to no training to use. You simply sit on, look at the little graphic, see what muscle groups it works and you are on the way. A couple of them are a little bit more complicated and it might take you half an hour to learn how to use them.

The truth is, this is not the optimal way of training the body. We know this as a fact. The optimal way of training the body is with free weights. This way we have to fight against gravity.

If I want to work the top of my legs, I’d be much better off doing a squat holding a weight. Not even holding on to a weight necessarily.

We are built to move dynamically. Our whole body is a system that likes to work at once. We burn more calories and we activate more muscles using free weights. We build balance and connection with our central nervous system by doing free weights.

Whereas, when I’m sat on this little beauty moving my legs up and down, it’s just not as good.

If you want to learn more about how to use free weights, get in touch.

Charlie Hart is an experienced personal trainer, having worked with more than 100 clients clients in and around Cambridgeshire.

His interests in fitness, health and how they intersect help his clients to transform their bodies, sleep better and feel better in themselves.

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