Drink more water for god sake

15 Feb, 2018

Human beings are terrible at looking after their basic needs. In the UK, about 17% of people drink zero cups of water a day. Though out my life I’ve heard the boring fact that we are made from mostly water 100 million times but 1 in 5 people refuse to drink a drop. Welcome to the dehydration-nation! A land of cramps, irritability and kidney stones.

“But Charlie, I drink plenty of Coke, tea and wine”

I’ve had a rant before about the massive amount of sugar in everything before, so keep in mind that drinking sugar regularly is just plain silly. Caffeine and alcohol, as you already know, are diuretics. Meaning they draw water out of the body and do not count towards your 2-3 litres of water a day. Its also worth noting that nothing really works the same as water. The liver, brain, blood and digestive system all depend on water to perform. Fanta lemon just isn’t going to cut it. If you are serious about looking after your health, increasing your performance or want to lose weight then you should start here.

A fix for headaches, cramps, fatigue, illness, confusion, hunger and even life threatening illness?

I’m going to assume your sold on drinking more water. Because if you’re not I refuse to believe you have been paying attention. The upsides are so huge and the negatives so tiny that you’re a foolish fool for not wanting to. Imagine a mild hangover every single day. That’s dehydration. Most people who drink little to no water have been affected by dehydration for so long that thy consider the symptoms an everyday part of life. Feeling like shit and underperforming shouldn’t be the norm.
Some would advise you to carry a bottle of water with you, sipping though out the day. A lot of fitness devices (like Fitbits) have tracking features that may help as well. I personally don’t believe that constantly tracking anything is going to last a lifetime, but it may be the kick in the dehydrated gluts that you need.

Simple steps, massive results

The best way to ensure you drink water regularly is to make it a habit. Tie the act of drinking a half pint with something you do everyday and before long it will be an unconscious behaviour.

Here’s a few suggestions on when to guzzle some h2o:

  • Every time you have a meal
  • Every time you brush your teeth (You do brush your teeth, right?)
  • When ever you go to the loo
  • If you feel thirsty or hungry

If this article has struck a cord and you agree that you are dehydrated, make sure to act. It might seem like a small change, but the affect it has can be life changing. If you have any questions, please get in touch. Good luck and drink up.

Charlie Hart is an experienced personal trainer, having worked with more than 100 clients clients in and around Cambridgeshire.

His interests in fitness, health and how they intersect help his clients to transform their bodies, sleep better and feel better in themselves.

Talk to Charlie today if you'd like help improving your well being.

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